What Skills Are Most Sought After by Employers in Akron, Ohio?

Graduates of Akron, Ohio have the advantage of being well-equipped with the essential abilities to thrive in the workplace. Our Communication Studies program provides students with the practical learning activities, internships and extracurricular activities they need to create meaningful messages and lead successful conversations and debates. Our alumni are ready to enter a variety of industries, such as business, government, non-profit organizations, healthcare and education. The city of Akron is home to a wide range of employers, from healthcare and banking to utilities and manufacturers.

These large companies demonstrate the kind of corporate responsibility that any community would be proud of. Moreover, many of the major employers are companies and institutions that have been around for a long time, such as hospitals, banks, educational institutions and rubber products. When it comes to hiring new employees, companies are organized according to the approximate number of full-time employees. Part of this process involves learning a “Boolean” search language in order to accurately adapt the skills being sought in a candidate. In the hybrid work-from-home model, many new employees struggle to get the training they need to succeed in their role. In order to be successful in Akron's job market, it is important for job seekers to have a wide range of skills.

Employers are looking for candidates who possess strong communication skills, analytical thinking abilities and critical thinking capabilities. Additionally, employers are seeking individuals who have experience with Boolean search language and can quickly adapt to the hybrid work-from-home model. Having a well-rounded set of skills is essential for success in Akron's job market. Graduates of Communication Studies programs have the advantage of being well-equipped with the communication, analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Additionally, having experience with Boolean search language and being able to quickly adjust to the hybrid work-from-home model will give job seekers an edge over other applicants.