Grants, Scholarships and Other Financial Aid for Job Seekers in Akron, Ohio

Are you looking for financial aid to help you find employment in Akron, Ohio? There are a variety of grants, scholarships, loans and other types of financial aid available to job seekers in the area. Use the home button to search for the best options for you. A work program for parents is also available to help families pay for their students' tuition. For more information on work programs for parents and students, contact Dave Arbogast.

The NOSB Scholarship Program provides tuition assistance to students interested in pursuing a subject area related to the ocean or marine life after high school. The Presbyterian Scholarship Fund is open to first-year college students who live in the western half of the Trinity Synod and plan to attend a university in that area. The Ohio Soybean Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Program encourages undergraduate students from Ohio colleges and universities to pursue degrees in fields that support the future of the state. The Ohio Parks and Recreation Association Foundation awards scholarships annually to students studying recreation, parks and leisure studies across Ohio. The Ohio Counties Scholarship, sponsored by the Research and Education Foundation of the Ohio County Commissioners Association, was created to give back to those who support the water industry and the Ohio Section of the American Hydraulic Works Association.

The Ohio News Media Foundation offers scholarships to high school seniors and college students studying newspaper-related programs. The Republican Probity Women (RPW) organization is dedicated to empowering women in Preble County, Ohio in the political process. The Ohio News Media Foundation Minority Journalism Scholarship is available to minority students currently studying at Ohio University or in their last year of high school who are interested in studying journalism, advertising, marketing or communication at an accredited college or university during the next academic year. The Ohio State University Land Grant Scholarship is awarded to Ohio residents who meet the requirements of the Pell program and demonstrate academic merit. The Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program (ONGSP) is open to current members of the Ohio Army Air National Guard (26%) as well as former members with sufficient deployment time (Latta Amendment students).

The Canton Audubon Society (CAS), founded in 1962, is a local branch of the National Audubon Society in some Ohio counties. The Ohio News Media Foundation, with its mission to achieve excellence and professionalism in all phases of journalism and newspaper publishing, awards annual scholarships to high school and college students.


, a geospatial science program in the Appalachian region, offers a two-year scholarship for graduate or undergraduate students enrolled in its events. The Ohio Relators Charitable Education Foundation & Scholarship Program awards an annual scholarship to students studying real estate at an eligible Ohio college or university.